We run our business responsibly It also means that we strive to minimize negative impacts on the environment. We must take care of each other and ensure that our employees have a healthy physical and mental working environment. In general, we think of “health” in everything we do.

1. Environment

CO2 emissions
We are in the process of preparing a CO2 account for this year, and will keep accounts in the future with the aim of reducing our CO2 emissions.
Sustainability – Danish farmers.

2. Working environment

Use aids and machines to avoid lifting and monotonous work.
Train employees to be able to do several different tasks and thus create variation in the daily work .
Possibility of flexible working hours in private circumstances.

3. Local environment

Preserve jobs locally.
Use local suppliers.
Support local sports.

4. Health

All employees have access to free fruit every day.
Financial help for smoking cessation and dietary guidance.
Offer the option of health insurance to all employees.
Support health-promoting organizations such as the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Diabetes Association and also the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration through partnerships.
Target: Sick leave below 1% and no occupational injuries.

5. Anti-corruption

We do not provide or receive any kind of bribe.
We do not allow cash payments.
We only give and receive small occasional gifts. Gifts received are part of the annual Christmas lottery for all employees.
We do not contribute to political organizations.